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Choose Contacts: The Advantages of Lenses for Teens

Needing to purchase eyeglasses is often met with resistance from a teen. Young adults may balk at the very idea of being seen in eyeglasses and coming across ''uncool''. As opposed to eyeglasses, children and teens that use lenses report a significant improvement in their appearance, says a recently released study. The study report suggests that beginning from the age of eight, pre-teens should be given the choice of lenses. Researchers published the study in the November issue of Eye & Contact Lens, published by the Contact Lens Association.

Just how do contacts improve teens' self image? Young adults are self-conscious, and they generally feel better about themselves when they're not sporting a pair of glasses. Lenses may help teenagers have a sense of greater self-esteem and more ease around others by providing them a less obvious option for their vision needs.

In addition, contacts can be better for teenagers who participate sports. For teens, contacts may be more protective than glasses in a number of situations. Unlike glasses, lenses are a lot more durable during basketball, and other rough sports. Contacts are also more comfortable when playing sports that require face shields. By allowing for a full range of vision, contacts can also enhance teen's peripheral vision during sport games.

Of course before your child buys contacts you should speak to your optometrist to go over any possible issues your child might have. Our optometry practice located in Centreville, VA, will be glad to help you to come up with the right prescription for your teenager's contacts.

If your pre-teen or teenager needs vision correction, why not consider contact lenses? Through just a simple contact lens, you can boost your teen's self-esteem. With the large array of contacts available, you and your optometrist can work with your child to figure out what type of lens is most suitable for their personality, maturity and lifestyle.