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Contacts and Makeup: Centreville, VA Optometrist Tips

If you use contact lenses a number of precautions should be taken when applying cosmetics. Here are a few professional tips on how to make sure you keep your eyes attractive and safe.

Buying Cosmetics

Even before we discuss how to apply makeup, eye care professionals advise that you use only products that are oil free and fragrance free. Additionally, to avoid peeling or smudging, which could result in bothering your lenses, buy waterproof mascara and eye liner pencils. Lastly you should replace cosmetics used around your eyes at regular intervals - it is preferable to mascara monthly, liners every 3 months and eye shadows every six months.

The Safe Application of Makeup

Always be careful to wash your hands before putting in your lenses. Put on eye shadow, liner and mascara carefully so you won't damage your lenses. Don't touch a brush or liner to the inner lid and start mascara from the midpoint of the lashes as opposed to the base. Don't share makeup with others or apply if the eyes are swollen or irritated.

It's also very important to clean off eye makeup every night with hypoallergenic, oil-free cleanser. Don't forget to remove contacts before removing makeup.

Being careful when applying eye makeup during contact lens use can avoid irritated, swollen or inflamed eyes and damage to the contacts.

If your eyes become red or infected avoid wearing makeup. Feel free to call your eye care practitioner if you experience any redness, pain, or itchiness. Our Centreville, VA eye doctor will be glad to assist you with any contact issues that you may be having.