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Use state-of-the-art dispensing tools at our practice!

New to the practice is the Visioffice System! A clear road to the perfect pair of eyeglass lenses.

 Create a unique solution for every patient type

  • Recommend the best lens solution for a given prescription or lifestyle
  • Present personalized demonstrations for every patient using interactive sales support tools

Deliver the most precise, individualized vision

  • Record and perform up to 20 measurements – even those needed for today’s technologically advanced lenses
  • Measure the real 3D position of each eye’s unique eye rotation center (ERC) to create the most individualized lenses possible—eyecode™ lenses
  • Exclusively available to ECPs with the Visioffice System

Take specialized measurements for the full range of Varilux® personalized lenses

  • Capture complete measurements for all DualOptix™ lenses including Varilux Physio Enhanced Fit™ and Varilux Ipseo IV™
  • Be one of the few practices to offer eyecode™ on select Varilux® and single vision lenses

visiooffice system