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 New to the Office! Crizal UV lenses

We are pleased to introduce a new generation of non-glare lenses into our practice designed by Crizal. These lenses will protect your eyes from the damaging UV light coming from the backside of the lens, ensuring your visual health over time.

Crizale is the only company producing non-glare products on the market that offering the most complete protection against the invisible and often irreversible damages of UV light.

 Everyday protection against UV is a must. Consider the following facts:

-UV light is a major hazard to the eye.

-79% of patients know they need sun protection for their skin, however, only 6% know they need sun protection for their eyes.

- Experts worldwide agree that UV light has a direct impact on your eye health, accelerating eye aging and the appearance of cataracts and other serious eye-related diseases.

sun facts