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Technology is constantly changing, and improving the quality and category of lenese. However, one "enemy" that has proved to be very elusive and can be very dangerous is fog. How do you prevent your lenses from fogging?

We are pleased to announce a new product category offererd at our practice, a breakthrough technology against fog, called Optifog designed by Essilor. Optifog offers patients superior anti-fog properties by utilizing a patented fog-free top coat. Lenses with Optifog offer unmatched durability against foggy vision.

Fog appears because of temperature change, from cold to hot. The ambient humidity condenses into tiny droplets commonly called fog. Fog occurs in everyday life situations such as indoor/outdoor activities and at work. It's not just hinderance, it can be blinding. If you wear glasses, think about what happens when drinking a cup of coffee. There's a good chance your glasses fog. The solution: Optifog!

 Essilor, one of the leaders in the ophthalmic industry, developed “Optifog”, lenses with anti-fog properties. These are lenses with unique fog repellant properties, activated by an activator. In order to activate the anti-fog property, simply put a drop of the activator on your lenses and wipe with a microfiber cloth to coat the entire lens surface. This will keep the lenses fog-free for approximately one week.

Be sure to ask about our new innovative technology when ordering your new pair of eye glasses or sunglasses!