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Optometrist Fairfax

Everyone wants to have clear eyesight. Having to squint to see the menu or trying to make sure you are seeing things properly on the road while driving can be a real pain and in some cases dangerous! The best way to achieve good vision is to regularly visit your local optometrist! Lucky for those living in the Fairfax, VA area you have a wonderful optometrist right around the corner waiting for you to call and set up an appointment. With a location that is easy to get to in Centreville and hours that are conveniently scheduled to help you work around your busy life Centreville Eye Care Center is the clear choice when picking an optometrist!

Our Optometrist Proudly Serves the Fairfax, VA area!

If it has been more than a year since your last eye exam it is time to set up an appointment with one of our experienced team members! We cater to all ages and hope to make you comfortable and at ease during your exam. The key to keeping your vision clear is getting regularly scheduled exams so that any eye diseases or vision problems can be detected early. It is a lot easier to keep the eyesight you have now and improve on it then it is to try and gain it all back once it is gone. In children poor vision can effect more than just how the see the world, but also how well they do in class and when reading and writing. Give your children all they need to succeed by making sure they are seeing at their best. The optometrists at Centreville Eye Care Center have been helping the children and parents from Fairfax, VA for years and hope to include you and your family as our valued patients.

If you are already suffering from any eye discomfort or other eye related issues we can also help with alleviating your symptoms, such as dry eye. Our staff and team members would love the opportunity to show you how we have been treating your Fairfax neighbors and how we can help you with your eye health. For those who wear glasses or contacts we carry a variety of name brand frames and lenses and many can be ordered online. We personally fit all our glasses and contacts to make sure that you have the most comfortable pair available to you and that your sight is as clear as possible. Please call our Centreville office and set up an appointment today.