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Astigmatic Lenses

Do You Have An Astigmatism? You Can Still Get Contact Lenses!

For those patients who have an astigmatism look no further than a toric lens! Toric lenses offer a patient a clear and comfortable alternative for their all distance vision.

Regular single vision spherical lenses have the same power all around the lens, so it doesn’t matter if the lens rotates on your eye. Toric lenses, however, have two different powers in the lens, so they must remain in position for best visual acuity. Some toric lenses are heavier at the bottom to keep from rotating. .There’s also a mechanism to keep the contact lens relatively stable on the eye when you blink or look around. To provide crisp vision, toric contact lenses cannot rotate on your eye.

At Centreville Eye Care Cente we offer a variety of lenses for those patients who have an astigmatism, including both soft and hard toric lenses. Feel free to call our office to schedule a contact lens evaluation and try our variety of toric lenses! You can protect your eyes and spruce up your outdoor look or your sports performance with a pair of sunglasses.

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