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Your Eye Exam Specialists in Centreville, VA

A comprehensive eye exam will not only provide the right prescription for your vision; it can also pick up on underlying conditions and diseases that would not otherwise have been discovered.

It’s important to distinguish between a typical vision screening and a complete eye exam. A vision screening can be performed by anyone from your school nurse to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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A complete eye exam differs substantially from a vision screening; it is a complete test of the health and proper functioning of your eyes performed by a trained professional. Your eye doctor will examine how your eyes work together and test for common eye ailments such as glaucoma.

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The optometrists at Centreville Eye Care Center may perform the following tests while examining your eyes:

  • An autorefractor is used to assess how images are focused on your retina.
  • A cover test, during which your optometrist will have you focus on distant objects and then cover each eye, checking for misalignments and amblyopia (“lazy eye”).

clipart 036There are other tests that the eye doctor may decide to perform based on his or her observations, almost all of which are quick and painless.

They are, however, very important in assessing the overall health of your eyes.

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