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Daily Disposable Contacts

Daily Disposable Contacts is the lens of choice for most of Centreville Eye Care Center patients because of its many benefits. A single use lens is sterile. The risk of eye infection is minimized because incomplete disinfection and inadequately cleaned contact lens cases are taken out of the picture. There is no problem of solution irritation. Daily disposables are recommended for patients with allergies because the lens has not been exposed to allergens. In addition to these medical benefits, these lenses are so convenient. Put them in your eyes in the morning and throw them away at night. No need to worry about solutions or cases. They can correct astigmatism too! Worried about the expense? They are very affordable especially since you will not be purchasing solutions and cases! Because these lenses are recommended for the majority of our patients, we stock boxes for purchase right here!

For More Information About Daily Disposable Contacts Lenses in Centreville Visit Our Eye Doctors