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Very knowledgeable optometrists

My appointment with Dr. Kathleen Moore was AWESOME! I have Nystagmus and she was VERY knowledgeable and knew exactly how to treat me as a Nystagmus patient. She is encouraging and will do what she can to improve my vision. I highly recommend her not only to Nystagmus patients, but to anyone.

Great eye care and attention to detail

I have been a long-time patient of Dr. Kelly Hale and appreciate the care and attention to detail that she and the staff provide at each visit. What a pleasure to do business with this customer-focused practice that is both efficient and responsive to patient needs. With the use of up-to-date technology, examination techniques and personal attention, I always feel I am in good hands. I highly recommend Centreville Eye Care Center.

We are quite impressed with Dr. Hale

At Centreville Eye Care Center, my wife and I recently received comprehensive eye examinations by Dr. Kelly Hale. We are quite impressed with Dr. Hale ‘s professional skills and personable manner. In addition, my purchase of new glasses and frames at Centreville Eye Care Center was facilitated by a broad selection of frames and knowledgeable assistance. I encourage others to experience the excellent services of Centreville Eye Care Center.

The service was professional

Great service. I came in for a pair of glasses with a very specific budget. The service was professional. They helped me find a great pair at a fair price. I would definitely recommend this venue for anyone looking for eye care!

The best experience I have had

Seriously the best experience I have had with eye care professionals since I started wearing glasses in the early 90s (in grade school)! Most credible eye doctor, friendliest and most helpful front office staff and opticians.
I have a lot of trouble with my contacts, and most doctors aren’t willing to really listen and take me seriously. I have often been brushed off and ignored, told it’s all in my head, or told that I’m not wearing or cleaning my contacts properly (even though I do). NOT SO at Centreville Eye Care! I saw Dr. Moore in my first experience at this practice just last week (Feb 2015). She carefully listened to all of my concerns, expressed sympathy, explained everything, and treated me with respect. She listened when I told her I thought I needed a different prescription, and gave me plenty of trial lenses to make a a decision over the next week. Dr. Moore is obviously very caring about her patients and excited about eye care in general. She has a lot of experience and technical knowledge of contact lenses, which helped me immensely. I genuinely enjoyed my time with her.

The front office staff and opticians are also excellent. I have not purchased anything yet, since I’m trying out lenses. However, no one pressured me to buy anything, even though I browsed frames for at least 30 minutes. They helped me understand my insurance benefits and helped me think about what frames I like, all without pushing for a sale. Surprisingly, the front office staff gave me my prescription when I paid for my exam. I didn’t even have to ask for it. (Those of you that buy online, you know other opticians come up with all kinds of excuses not to give you your Rx, thereby forcing you to buy contacts/glasses at their office.) I was blown away! I did notice that the eyeglass prescription does not include my pupil distance, which you need if you want to order glasses online. I’m sure they’ll give it to me if I ask during my visit next week.

My only limited complaint might be that it seems like they only offer designer frames. Not the place to go if you’re looking for a cheap pair of glasses. But don’t miss it for your annual exam!! Can’t say enough good things

Very professional

Very professional, all procedures were explained. Dr. and staff were very prompt, no waiting.

I have entrusted them with my eyes

While my entire family enjoys their experience seeing each of the doctors at Centreville Eye Care Center, I particularly value the skill and knowledge they have, to help monitor other health conditions, which sometimes leave clues in the eyes. In my case they help me monitor sarcoidosis flair-ups, so that I may seek help from the appropriate physicians prior to damage to other organs. I am confident that this team keeps their watchful eyes on my family’s vision. I have entrusted them with this task for the past nine years, and will continue to do so.