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Dr Hale is so wonderful and helpful

I have been going to this office for Dr Hale for 18 years for wonderful eye care and moved to Texas 2015- I still want to come back! Dr Hale is so wonderful and helpful. She went above and beyond to find my necessary contacts this week! The eye doc in Texas just gave up! Dr Hale is AWESOME! The office is great too! Highly recommend them!

Very happy with my visit with this eye doctor

VERY happy with my visit with Dr. Simms. I learned some information that will have a dramatic positive impact on a vision problem FIVE other optometrists never even mentioned to me and/or were somehow completely unaware of! Yay for Dr. Simms!

Great experience for me

Great experience for me. From the start, the staff was very helpful, jumped right in when I arrived to start the screening before the eye doctor. Tech was very nice. I saw Stacey Simms, O.D and she was great! This was for a basic eye exam and screening. She was extremely nice and took her time to explain everything, ask questions and seemed genuinely interested in me as a patient. Would definitely recommend her to anyone.

The staff are always helpful and friendly

Centreville Eye Care has been my optometrist for many years. The staff are always helpful and friendly. Dr. Hale is very attentive, encouraging and skilled in addressing my eye care needs. The glasses department is always friendly and helpful. They work to ensure repairs are done quickly and completely. I rely on them to recommend the best frames for my face and they always succeed in finding frames that receive many compliments. Everyone there takes the time to treat me as their only patient. I highly recommend them to anyone in the Clifton and Centreville areas.

Large selection of frames

Great service, doctors and selection of frames. Found exactly the pair of black rimmed glasses that I wanted by Burberry. Highly recommend ๐Ÿ™‚

Great eye care services

This was years ago when I had an eye emergency. My eye was scratched and it was extremely painful. My eye was sensitive to light and it was bloodshot red. I had no insurance but needed to see an eye doctor right away and I came here to this clinic. Dr Kathleen Moore was so compassionate, which is rare for I had not seen any doctor who is as compassionate as she was for a very long time. I think she stole my heart. She examined my eye and told me it needed to be treated right away and referred me to a eye specialist to be seen that same day. Again, I had no insurance then and just started out on my own (self employed) and my wife was in school… Dr. Moore waived our fee knowing that we will have to see a eye specialist who will charge us a lot more. Overall, I can’t thank enough for this doctor who’s heart is so kind. I will be back to visit soon just to personally thank you.