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Great eye care services

This was years ago when I had an eye emergency. My eye was scratched and it was extremely painful. My eye was sensitive to light and it was bloodshot red. I had no insurance but needed to see an eye doctor right away and I came here to this clinic. Dr Kathleen Moore was so compassionate, which is rare for I had not seen any doctor who is as compassionate as she was for a very long time. I think she stole my heart. She examined my eye and told me it needed to be treated right away and referred me to a eye specialist to be seen that same day. Again, I had no insurance then and just started out on my own (self employed) and my wife was in school... Dr. Moore waived our fee knowing that we will have to see a eye specialist who will charge us a lot more. Overall, I can't thank enough for this doctor who's heart is so kind. I will be back to visit soon just to personally thank you.

- Victor R.